Services & Conditions Treated

Our Services & Conditions Treated

Physical Therapy can help alleviate pain and improve functional abilities, as well as promote and maintain optimal fitness levels, physical function and quality of life.

Our services are helpful for many pain and mobility problems such as:

  • neck, shoulder, elbow, arm
  • back, hip, knee, foot
  • chest, abdominal, pelvic
  • jaw, head, migraines
  • fibromyalgia, TMJ, arthritis
  • carpal tunnel, tendonitis
  • fasciitis, neuralgia
  • sports injuries
  • post surgery recovery

… and much more.

Our services integrate treatment including:

  • ultrasound
  • infrared cold laser
  • electrical stimulation
  • traction
  • moist heat
  • ice
  • advanced manual therapy techniques
  • appropriate therapeutic exercises
  • education about your condition
  • home exercise program

We have state of the art HUR exercise equipment that is made in Finland and uses pneumatic compression instead of weights. Pneumatic compression eliminates the effects of inertia, which means that the equipment maintains the proper resistance throughout the range of motion, regardless of the speed of the movement, to help with recovering and maintaining strength.

image source: HUR